I'm haunted... and that sucks!



Everywhere I go I see your face..

In different people.. similar people..

And everytime I think it’s you I’m shocked..

My heart froze into a cold stone..

Gets heavy and it’s sinking deeper into my feelings..

Is melting away.. and implodes..

Cures.. flies.. get’s soft again..

Reminiscences are sliding over and over again..

Up and down..

His voice.. I remember his voice again..

Hear all the words he said to me..

He sang to me..

His smile.. the way he was moving..

The little moves he did when I was around..

Remember stars.. an arrow..

Every little thing that was important for me..

Only because I saw him in all these things…..


And I'm a little bit lost without you.. and a bloody big mess inside...




© Jane - 8. Oktober 2010

gewidmet B.

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    Masticating Juicer (Dienstag, 16 April 2013 12:38)

    This article was in fact just what I had been searching for!